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Track Sponsored by: Myriant
4/30/2012- 8:30am
The Succinic Acid Platform
Alif Saleh, Myriant
Mike Hartman, BioAmber
Will van den Tweel, DSM
Masanori Ikebe, Mitsui & Co.
4/30/2012- 10:30am
Biobased Chemicals Coming of Age - Renewable Adipic Acid and an Emerging Portfolio Driven by Innovative Partnerships
JamesIademarco, DSM Biobased Products and Services
James Iademarco, DSM Biobased Products and Services
Lucio Siano, COIM USA Inc
Peter Nieuwenhuizen, Akzo Nobel
Gary Diamond, Rennovia, Inc.
4/30/2012- 2:30pm
Renewable Chemicals Development: Olefinics, Esters, Alcohols
Marc Delcourt, Global Bioenergies S.A.
Damien Perriman, Genomatica
Bob Walsh, ZeaChem Inc.
Jerry Gargulak, Borregaard LignoTech
5/1/2012- 8:30am
Open Innovation and Partnerships for Speed to Commercialization of Biobased Chemicals
Jean-FrancoisHuc, BioAmber Inc
Jorge Nogueira, Lanxess AG
Marc Verbruggen, NatureWorks LLC
Shigeru Handa, Mitsubishi Chemical
5/1/2012- 10:30am
Building Blocks to Consumer Products
Ian McLennan, EcoSynthetix Inc.
Olga Selifonova, Reluceo, Inc
Bob Bernacki, Gevo
Shell Huang, Coca-Cola Company
5/2/2012- 10:30am
Development of Sustainable Procurememtn Policies
George Handy, National Defense Center for Energy and Environment
Dave Asiello, Office of Deputy Under Secretary of Defense I&E
Kate Lewis, USDA BioPreferred
Darden Hood, Beta Analytic