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Wednesday, September 10, 2014 | 17:30 - 18:55 | Vidigal A, B, & C

The U.S. Bayh-Dole Act, enacted on December 12, 1980, transferred ownership rights of federally funded inventions from the government to universities. Twenty years after passage, The Economist wrote that the Act is “possibly the most inspired piece of legislation to be enacted in America over the past half-century” and has fueled U.S. startups, delivered enormous benefits to the U.S. economy, and brought the next generation of medicine, fuel, and food to consumers around the world. On July 5, 2004, the Brazilian Congress approved an Innovation Law, which aims to provide incentives to increase innovative activities and facilitate scientific and technological research by private companies. The session will discuss the two instruments from legal and practical perspectives and will explore efforts underway throughout the region to better connect industry and universities.


  • Joseph P. Allen, President, Allen and Associates, United States
  • Avram Slovic, Biotechnology R&D Manager, Braskem, US
  • Henrique K. Frizzo, Partner, Trench, Rossi & Watanabe Advogados, Brazil
  • Carlos Eduardo Eliziário de Lima, Partner, Dannemann Siemsen, Brazil (moderator)