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Sponsored by: Novasep

4/30/2012- 8:30am
Focus:  Bioprocess Engineering and Scale - up
Michael Lynch, OPX Biotechnologies, Inc
Manju Misra, University of Guelph
Yinhua Wan, Institute of Process Engineering, CAS
4/30/2012- 10:30am
Focus: Commercial Scale Production of Renewable Chemicals
Christophe Schilling, Genomatica
Alexander Tseitlin, Ecosynthetix
Jonathan Wolfson, Solazyme
Peter Nagler, Evonik Industries
4/30/2012- 2:30pm
Focus: Potential Feedstocks for Bioethanol
Sergio Trejo-Estrada, Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Shirley Agrupis, Kansas State University
Jorg Riesmeier, Direvo Industrial Biotechnology GmbH
Michael Krel, Deinove
5/1/2012- 8:30am
Focus: Feedstock Processing
Markus Wolperdinger, Linde Engineering Dresden GmbH
Ralph Stöckel, TOTAL Deutschland GmbH
Rene Mank, Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services GmbH
Chen Guo, Institute of Process Engineering, CAS
5/1/2012- 10:30am
Focus: Global Innovative Clusters: Canada, China, Australia, United States
Thomas Egle, Institute for Advanced Learning and Research
Catherine Cobden, Forest Products Association of Canada
Cameron Begley, CSIRO
Matt Lindgren, Kairos Future Group
5/2/2012- 10:30am
Focus: Innovative Growth Strategies for Biopolymers and Biofuels
Ral fKindervater, BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Don Rosenblum, Nova Southeastern University
Frederique Abreu, Green Biofuels Corp