Webinar: Puttin’ on the Pitch: From Podium to Meeting Room

This webinar featured thought leaders in the investment community who explored the key components of compelling investment presentations and gave the inside scoop on pitching to investors. 

Hear from these distinguished web panelists:

Thomas Hoffmann
Senior Vice President | The Trout Group LLC

Thomas’ relationships with the European and U.S. investment communities, coupled with extensive experience in sales of financial products and business communications, have made him a key investor relations expert for both domestic and international clients of Trout. He also plans and advises biotechnology-related conferences and implements strategic planning.

Keay Nakae
Chardan Capital Markets | Senior Research Analyst – Healthcare

Keay brings twelve years of experience as a healthcare equity research analyst and has been recognized by Forbes Magazine in its annual survey of America’s Best Analysts. He has covered small- to large-cap biotechnology & medical device companies that compete in therapeutic areas including cardiology, oncology, neurology, and urology. 

David Sable
Portfolio Manager | Special Situations Life Sciences Funds

David combines widespread experience in clinical medicine with healthcare portfolio management expertise from Deutsche Bank. A blog writer for Forbes Magazine, he has lectured on healthcare investing and biotechnology business development at the Wharton School and NYU, among others institutions.

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