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The BIO IP Counsels Committee Conference is an excellent opportunity for IP professionals to discuss current and future issues in the biotech patent landscape. Our upcoming 2016BIO IPCC SpringConference in San Antonio, TX is the ideal setting for BIO members and other industry IP professionals to come together to hear, discuss and learn about current and projected topics related to biotech IP.
If you are concerned with the implications of an ever-changing patent system on the biotechnology industry, this meeting is not to be missed. We invite you to join us in an informal, fun and informative setting to meet fellow industry legal and IP professionals, to make new acquaintances, to reconnect with old friends, and to take home a wealth of information – and maybe some new ideas.


“I attend the BIO-IPCC meetings regularly, and consider them a necessity for keeping up with developments in biotechnology law.  Not only are sessions cutting-edge and highly informative, but the speakers themselves are always authoritative and often intimately involved in using and influencing the laws on which they present.  Beyond the formal presentations, the BIO-IPCC organizers ensure that all attendees and presenters have ample enjoyable opportunities to socialize, and speak further, with their colleagues about issues of mutual concern in biotechnology law and business.  There is no other venue that offers better insights into biotechnology law, or a better chance to stay current with those who work with or make that law, than BIO-IPCC meetings.  I look forward to every one.”
~Andrew Torrance, MIT
"IPCC’s semi-annual meetings are the best value for keeping current on legal issues because the presentations are always BIO-focused.   The member-only sessions of IPCC meetings provide a unique opportunity to bring your company’s view into the debate on pending issues and to influence BIO’s position on IP legislation and policy.  The IPCC wants to meet you and learn what intellectual property issues are important for the success of your business. So join us in San Diego, CA."
~ Tom Kelley, Monsanto
“I have been attending the BIO IPCC conference for the past 6 years and I find that it’s an invaluable way to keep up with this ever-evolving field.  The sessions are extremely relevant and are designed to provide in-depth analysis as well as encourage informal discussion of current IP topics.  The evening events are a wonderful opportunity to make connections with other members of the BIO IP community, and to reconnect with attendees who have become friends and colleagues over the years.  It’s the one conference I try not to miss.”
~ Claire Vasios, Alkermes
"I have regularly attended BIO IPCC meetings for years because the business and legal information we discuss is always timely and directly relevant to BioPharma patent practice. The meeting size is large enough to represent a broad range of views, but not so large that attendees are reluctant to actively participate and debate issues. There is a nice mix of new and familiar faces, and BIO’s staff always makes the event fun with new meeting locations and creative group activities."
~ Anonymous
"The BIO IPCC has been consistently the most relevant and productive industry IP meeting that I attend.The meeting is regularly attended by many of the leading in-house patent lawyers in biotechnology and Pharma.  The topics covered are always an interesting mix of new case law and important policy issues that in-house patent counsel need to consider in advising their companies."
~ Jason Ferrone, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.