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Genomic Tools for Optimization of Biomass Production
Sponsored by:  Genome BC

Moderator:  Brad Popovich, CSO Genome BC

Loren Rieseberg, Professor, UBC
Sally Aitken, Professor, UBC
Carl Douglas, Professor, UBC

Industrial biotechnologies will always be dependent on sustainable sources of appropriate biomass. Genomics is playing an increasing role in biomass optimization by creating tools to maximize yields, inform selection of plants, create desirable traits, and improve utilization. Genome BC is supporting world leading research in all these areas and many others and this panel will present examples of R&D in: 1) using genomics to inform reforestation practices in changing climates, 2) development of hybrid sunflowers as a source of biomass and oilseeds, and 3) creating traits in poplar for biomass production and enhanced utilization.