Letter to Sen. Ted Kennedy

Jul 15 2002
Expressing strong concerns regarding S. 812 (McCain/Schumer- Edwards/Collins)

BIO Opposes Brownback Amendment

Jun 14 2002
Letter to Majority Leader Daschle

BIO's response to a two-year moratorium on cloning

Jun 14 2002
In a letter to Sen. Orrin Hatch

Letter to Majority Leader Daschle

Jun 14 2002
On Senator Brownback's patent amendment to S. 2600, the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002

PDUFA Final Goals

Jun 4 2002
Letter from HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson

Dorgan Amendment, Letter opposing to Sen. Daschle

May 21 2002

BIO Supports Wyden NETGuard Legislation

May 15 2002
Letter to Senator Ron Wyden (May 15, 2002).

Policy Matters: Key Political and Regulatory Issues Affecting the Biotechnology Industry

May 9 2002
Carl B. Feldbaum, President

Stem cell research

May 7 2002
The dialogue between biotechnology and religion at the Global Public Affairs Institute

Supporting the Passage of Trade Promotion Authority Without Accompanying Amendments

May 6 2002