Law and Policy in the Knowledge E-Based Economy

Feb 26 2002
The biotechnology industry is the most research and development intensive and capital-focused industry in the world. As such, it is very dependent on a robust intellectual property system as well as a strong set of competition laws.

BIO Director Testifies In Senate Hearing

Feb 5 2002
Meeting the Bioterrorism Threat with Cooperation Between the Federal Government and Biotechnology Industry (Feb. 5).

History of Pediatric Studies, Rule, Legislation and Litigation

Jan 8 2002


FDA Stakeholders Meeting

Dec 7 2001
Since its inception, PDUFA has worked. The law has led to reduced review and approval times. This has meant that patients have had access to new therapies and diagnostics faster. Put simply, this law has both changed and saved lives.

Letter to Carl B. Feldbaum, BIO President from Samual W. Bodman, Deputy Secretary of Commerce

Nov 15 2001
Regarding funding for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

BIO letter to J. Dennis Hastert

Nov 5 2001

Economic Fundamentals Sound: Deal-Making within the Biotechnology Industry

Oct 29 2001
At a time when national security is understandably monopolizing Congress's legislative calendar, as well as the energies of the federal agencies that regulate biotechnology, I am pleased to report that the biotechnology industry's fundamentals are sound.

Testimony of Stephen G. Sudovar President & CEO, EluSys Therapeutics, Inc.

Oct 23 2001
U.S. House hearing on biological warfare defense

Testimony of Una S. Ryan, Ph.D., President & CEO, AVANT Immunotherapeutics, Inc.

Oct 23 2001
U.S. House hearing on biological warfare defense

BIO letter to US House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Chairman Tauzin

Oct 1 2001
Outling BIO opposition to generic biologic and pediatric rule codification amendments on pediatric exclusity bill.