Plant Biotechnology: Proposed Labeling of Foods and Food Ingredients obtained through Certain Techniques of Genetic Modification/Genetic Engineering

Oct 29 2010
There is no fundamental difference in foods and food ingredients derived through the use of biotechnology from foods in the marketplace globally.

Patient Therapy: Patient Medication Information

Oct 29 2010
BIO submitted comments on FDA’s "Development and Distribution of Patient Medication Information for Prescription Drugs."

BIO's comments to the FDA supporting the goals of the Draft Guidance to reduce the potential for suicidal behavior, ideation and attempts during drug treatment.

Oct 29 2010
BIO submitted comments on FDA’s "Development and Distribution of Patient Medication Information for Prescription Drugs." The comments elaborate on previous comments and further address the questions raised at the September 27-28 public hearing. The comments support the development of effective Patient Medication Information (PMI) that reinforces communication between the patient and healthcare professionals, enables understanding of benefits and risks of a product, and promotes safe and effective use of medication. The comments endorse a single patient-oriented document written by the Sponsor, reviewed and approved by FDA, and based on a template that has been validated through social-science research of patient comprehension. The comments also state that technology should be leveraged to enhance electronic dissemination and distribution of PMI.

Letter to Puerto Rico Governor Fortuño Regarding Tax on Foreign Corporations

Oct 24 2010
In what is currently one of the worst economic recessions to be experienced in our lifetime, the life sciences industry, and the biotechnology sector in particular, is defying all odds – Biotechnology companies are growing, adding jobs, and pushing the scientific envelope to produce important life-saving treatments. A bright spot of the current life sciences boom, and the larger more wide-spread biotechnology industry, is centered in Puerto Rico. In fact, recent reports indicate that more than 5 percent of Puerto Rico’s employment base is found in the biopharmaceutical sector – over 22,000 jobs with an average annual salary of $61,465.

Advanced Biofuels: White House Meets with Industry Leaders

Oct 21 2010
A Letter from leadership at ABFA, BIO, and ABO advocating for a comprehensive biofuels policy. This letter led to a meeting between key White House Staff and industry leaders. This meeting was part of an ongoing dialogue between the administration and biofuels stakeholders about the unique challenges facing the full spectrum of advanced biofuels technologies.

Sustainable Agriculture: Setting Sustainable Agriculture Standards

Oct 18 2010
Voting Members of the Leonardo Academy Sustainable Agriculture Committee, including BIO, withdraw from Leonardo Academy’s initiative to develop a sustainable agriculture standard for ANSI consideration. These Voting members support the goal of sustainable agriculture and intend to continue their efforts to achieve that goal, but it has become clear that the Leonardo Academy process is biased against a balanced and open analysis of modern agriculture.

Low Level Presence

Oct 14 2010
District Court Ruling Exposes Biotechnology to Unprecedented Tort Liability. BIO disputes the District Court Ruling that exposes biotechnology companies to unprecedented tort liability for the development and sale of biotechnology products that are physically harmless and not subject to regulatory remediation or penalty.

Biological Diversity: Draft Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from Their Utilization to the Convention on Biological Diversity

Oct 14 2010
The Heads of Biotechnology Associations: Asia, Europe and the Americas and their members support the agreed objective of the Protocol and the greater goal to establish a practical and workable international regime governing access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from these resources.

Letter to Ms. Cindy Smith, USDA APHIS Regarding BRS Notification Planting Reports

Oct 6 2010
In September 2010, USDA’s Biotechnology Regulatory Services (BRS) began implementing the latest revisions to its User’s Guide for Notification, in spite of a request from BIO for a delay until a system for providing accurate and timely planting reports can be developed. In this letter, BIO proposes a compromise on behalf of our member companies.

USTR’s Annual Report on Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS)

Oct 4 2010
BIO encourages USTR and other U.S. government agencies to renew efforts to ensure that any SPS measures affecting exports of U.S. products derived from modern biotechnology be based on scientifically verifiable criteria and be consistent with the SPS Agreement.