BIO Announces On-line Product Database of Ag Biotech Products

Internet users can now access a searchable and easy-to-use database of ag biotech products online at <a href="" shape="rect"></a>.</p>

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Tuesday, March 08, 2011) - Internet users can now access a searchable and easy-to-use database of ag biotech products online at, the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) announced today.

The website provides current information on the global authorization status of commercialized agricultural biotech events and products for food, feed and/or cultivation.

All import authorization and commercial status information available from two previous biotech product sites ( and has been retained, updated, and combined with additional information and functions into one database, including:

  • The website and database are public.  No username or password information is needed.
  • Participating Companies will update Product/Event authorizations on a recurring basis (compared to twice/year) without a lockdown of the database.
  • Users may search and retrieve reports using any combination of:
    • Commodity
    • Event
    • Product
    • Country
    • Company
    • OECD Unique Identifier (a nine-digit alphanumeric code that is given to each transgenic or genetically engineered plant that is approved for commercial use, including planting and food/feed use.)
  • Type of Information Provided:
    • Single Event and Combined Event (Stacks) Information
    • Authorization Status:  types of regulatory approvals provided by a given country.
    • Market Status:  how the product may be bought, sold or used in a given country, such as for cultivation, for import only or information on last seed sales.
    • Additional notes for events or products needing further explanation of authorization or commercial status.  These notes are not for marketing or promotional statements by the Participating Company.
    • Link from each event/product to a Participating Company to request information or send questions about a specific product/event to the Participating Company.
  • Links to other informational sources regarding biotechnology use, such as the Center for Environmental Risk Assessment ( and the International Life Sciences Institute (

The database is hosted by BIO and the content is provided by the Participating Companies to serve as a transparent, informational source, helping agricultural biotechnology stakeholders learn more about how biotechnology events and products may be used globally.  Participating companies include BASF, Bayer, Dow, Monsanto, Pioneer, and Syngenta.

The information in this database is provided as a public service voluntarily by BIO and the Participating Companies.  This database is not comprehensive for all agricultural biotechnology products.  Other companies, organizations or institutions may have developed or commercialized other agricultural biotechnology products that are not included in this database listing.  The regulatory status of each of the products listed in the database should be confirmed independently with the appropriate governmental authorities before taking any commercial or other actions related to such products


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