BIO Opposes A Northern California County's New Drug Disposal Law

The measure forces certain companies to pay for disposal.</p>

Washington, D.C. (July 27, 2012) – Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Vice President of Alliance Development and State Government Relations Fritz Bittenbender issued the following statement today regarding Alameda County, California's new ordinance requiring drug makers to set up programs to dispose of expired and unused drugs:

"BIO supports effective efforts to protect patients, safeguard water resources, and address potential abuses associated with unused medications.  The ordinance passed this week in Northern California's Alameda County, while well intended, will have little impact on any of these concerns. 

There is no scientific consensus that drug take-back programs help the environment or reduce instances of prescription drug abuse. In fact, segregating unused prescription drugs from conventional solid waste may serve to increase illegal drug trafficking.

Ultimately, this measure will simply increase costs, and potentially limit patient access to certain life-saving therapies."