BIO Presents State Legislator of the Year Award To Kansas State Rep. Wilk

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 12, 2005) — The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) yesterday presented Kansas State Representative Kenny A. Wilk (R) its State Legislator of the Year Award at a reception at the Dole Institute at the University of Kansas.  The award ceremony was hosted by the Kansas Biosciences Organization (KansasBio), BIO’s affiliate organization in Kansas. 

“Representative Kenny Wilk has distinguished himself as a champion of bioscience industry development in Kansas,” said Patrick Kelly, BIO’s vice president of state government relations.  “His leadership was instrumental in helping to secure the passage of the Kansas Economic Growth Act of 2004.  Representative Wilk truly understands the unique needs of technology-based industries and is committed to helping Kansas compete on a national level.”

Representative Wilk was nominated to receive the national award by the recently formed KansasBio.  “Representative Wilk’s compelling vision for the biosciences in Kansas brought all parties — policy makers, government officials, academics, industry leaders and activists — to the table,” said Dr. Daniel Richardson, chairman of the KansasBio Board of Directors.  “He continues to foster a healthy and productive debate about the opportunities to expand Kansas’ strengths in the biosciences.”                 

The BIO Legislator/Administrator of the Year Award honors deserving public servants for their leadership and commitment to advancing bioscience policies and promoting the public’s health and well being.

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