WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 21, 2007) -- The following statement was issued today by Biotechnology Industry Organization President and CEO Jim Greenwood regarding recently published papers by researchers in Japan and at the University of Wisconsin reporting reprogramming adult human skin cells to produce cells similar to human embryonic stem cells:

“These reports are an exciting development in the ongoing quest to explore the opportunities presented by stem cells for the development of therapies for diabetes, heart disease, spinal cord injuries and a host of other disabling and deadly conditions. 

“As the researchers themselves note, however, this new advance is not yet a substitute for other areas of stem cell research, including research based on the use of human embryonic stem cells.  We must do all we can to accelerate research and explore all avenues of therapeutic possibilities to their fullest to determine which areas can present treatment options fastest.  BIO will continue to work with all parties to urge support and advocate for increased funding for all promising areas of therapeutic research.

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