BIO Welcomes President Obama’s Recognition of Biotechnology’s Contribution to Renewable Energy

The President&#39;s recently announced Climate Action Plan reiterates support for the Renewable Fuel Standard, and calls for&nbsp;scientists to design new fuels, and farmers to grow new fuels.</p>

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) today applauded President Barack Obama’s recognition of the contribution that biotechnology makes to the design of new biofuels and to agricultural productivity in the President’s Climate Action Plan.

“Biotechnology enables energy efficiency and use of renewable resources in manufacturing and fuels as well as increased productivity on our agricultural lands,” said BIO President & CEO Jim Greenwood. “Using our nation’s scientific leadership, we can leave our children a healthier economy and environment by using renewable fuels and chemicals, adopting cleaner manufacturing processes, and producing more food on each acre while reducing pesticide applications, and water and on-farm fuel use. In addition, we are encouraged by the president’s plan to use advanced biofuels to help reduce CO2 emissions in the transportation sector. We thank President Obama for recognizing that biotechnology can play a positive role in addressing our shared environmental concerns.”