Biotechnology Industry Organization Announces the Relaunch of BIOtechNOW, as a Multiblog Platform

The revamped BIOtechNOW aims to build a community around biotechnology and address key issues facing the industry</p>

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Tuesday, June 21, 2011) - To coincide with BIO’s 2011 International Convention, the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) announced today the revamp ofBIOtechNOW. The new multiblog platform compiles all of BIO’s various blogs to present  a more cohesive and unified look and feel. The platform allows for greater cross-pollination of content, more cross-linking and greater access to social media tools. Users will now be able to post content directly into Facebook and Twitter as well as add comments and share with other biotechnology industry supporters.


“As BIO continues to embrace digital platforms to help us pursue our mission, BIOtechNOW will become a critical component of our advocacy, education and business development efforts, often serving as the first place members, legislators, industry leaders and others visit when searching for information on our industry,” said Jim Greenwood, BIO President and CEO.    

BIOtechNOW will provide critical information about the biotechnology industry, facilitate the online dialogue about biotech issues and provide an online forum to connect with the industry 365 days a year. The blogs portal will draw on expertise from a host of experienced BIO staffers and member company officials as well as industry and other guest bloggers specializing in biofuels, food and agriculture, health care, policy, industry analysis and business development. An additional exciting feature will be contributions from onsite bloggers attending BIO’s multiple events.

New blogs will be posted several times a week, and will keep subscribers “in the know” about all the latest in biotechnology.  A sampling of the topics to be discussed includes the business of biotech, partnering tool support, data analysis on business and investment, and the latest policy developments.


In order to maximize the blog’s reach, BIO also is launching a social media strategy that features the blog platform as its centerpiece. In an effort to encourage quality biotechnology content and discussions, BIO will also launch the Official BIO Bloggers program.   

The new BIOtechNOW blog can be found at . Readers are encouraged tosubscribe in order to avoid missing any of the current conversations amongst industry peers. Concurrently, blogs will be posted to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter so that followers receive up to the minute updates and developments.


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