Boston Biotech Industry Takes Center Stage at the 2012 BIO International Convention

The 2012 BIO International Convention will return to Boston, Mass. for the global event for biotechnology, which will take place June 18-21, 2012 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

WASHINGTON, DC – (June 5, 2012) – The 2012 BIO International Convention will return to Boston, Mass. for the global event for biotechnology, which will take place June 18-21, 2012 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Since the last time the event was held in Boston in 2007, the region has expanded its biotechnology presence through the establishment of new biotechnology companies and the creation of new jobs.

“We are excited to welcome visitors from around the world and showcase how we’ve grown in the last five years,” said Robert K. Coughlin, President & CEO of MassBio, the nation’s oldest biotechnology trade association. ”Here in Massachusetts, industry works alongside partners in academia and government to continue to foster an environment for collaboration and cures. The 2012 BIO International Convention will allow us to lay out our vision for the future of life sciences in the Commonwealth.”

In the past five years, Massachusetts has continued to grow and add biotech industry jobs as an economic engine in the region. The local biopharm industry is now comprised of more than 500 companies and 49,000+ employees, a twenty percent increase since 2007. Massachusetts now holds the distinct honor of being home to the greatest number and concentration of biotechnology research employees in the nation.

Additionally, approximately two million square feet of new biopharma lab and manufacturing space has been added to the MA inventory since 2007. Larger companies that have taken advantage of this new space include EMD, Sanofi, Pfizer, Novartis, Takeda, AstraZeneca, Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb just to name a few.

When the Convention was last in Boston, the $1 billion Life Sciences Initiative was announced by Governor Deval Patrick. The aim of this initiative was to spur new research, strengthen investment, create new jobs and produce new therapies for a better quality of life. To date, $300 million in investments made by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, which implements the Initiative, have leveraged more than $850 million in matching private investment and are projected to create more than 8,500 new jobs.

“We look forward to co-hosting this year’s Convention, and to showcasing all that Massachusetts has to offer as a global leader in the life sciences,” said Susan Windham-Bannister, Ph.D., President & CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.  “Governor Patrick’s ten-year, $1 billion Life Sciences Initiative has created a unique public-private life sciences partnership in Massachusetts and we’re certain that BIO will encourage more researchers and companies to come and join our vibrant community.”

To hear more from Bob Coughlin and his thoughts on the elements of supportive bioscience industry climates and the 2012 BIO International Convention, follow this link.

The BIO International Convention will highlight the latest trends and the newest opportunities for executives, investors, scientists, policy leaders, and media from around the world. Speakers at the sessions will share breakthroughs in medicine, diagnostics, the environment, energy production, business operations, financing, partnerships, policy issues and food and agriculture. Visit for the most up-to-date program and speaker information.

The Convention also features the BIO Business Forum, a unique platform for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, academic research institutions, and investors from around the world to gather and discuss strategic opportunities. For registration, conference agenda and exhibitor information, visit 2012 BIO International Convention.


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