Today the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) released a schedule of press conferences to be held during the BIO 2001 International
Biotechnology Convention and Exhibition.

All press conferences on this schedule will be held in Room
5B on the upper level of the San Diego Convention Center. Call the BIO Press
Room at 619-525-6241 for more information.

Monday, June 25

8:15 a.m.: BIO Plenary Breakfast Speaker Dylan Coburn Glenn, Special
Assistant to the President for Economic Policy

9:30 a.m.: Brent Erickson, Director of Industrial and Environmental
Biotechnology, BIO

10 a.m.: IBM will make a series of announcements related to
its DiscoveryLink data integration and management software for life sciences.

10:30 a.m.: Golden Rice: Public/Private Cooperation to Battle Malnutrition.
Dr. Peter Beyer, Swiss Federal Institute and Dr. Ronald Cantrell, Director
General, International Rice Research Institute, Manila will discuss how
fortified rice to fight vitamin A and iron deficiencies was developed through
public and private sector cooperation. They will also highlight its importance
for malnourished populations and lessons learned for future improvements
to the world's food supply.

2 p.m.: Leonard Gianessi, Senior Research Associate, National
Center for Food and Agriculture Policy, will discuss the results of a recent
NCFAP study on the economic impact of 30 crops improved through agricultural

3 p.m.: The Honorable Peter Beattie, Premier of Queensland,

4 p.m.: French Biotechnology Prospects on the Rise - Delegation
at BIO 2001 presents French biotechnology industry assets and challenges
with an overview of the Ernst & Young report on biotechnology in France
- Pascal Brandys, Co-Founder and Director of France Biotech, Patrick Cheenne,
Essonne Development Partners, and Francois Huwart, Minister for Foreign


Tuesday, June 26

8:15 a.m.: BIO Plenary Breakfast Speakers: Vernon Ellis, International
Chairman, Accenture, and Michael Jackson, Global Discovery, Johnson & Johnson

10 a.m.: Question and Answer Session with Dr. Walter Seufert,
President, Environment, Safety and Energy division, BASF (This session immediately
follows Dr. Seufert's symposium on Convention Manufacturing and Chemical
Waste Generation - Can a Marriage of Chemistry and Biotechnology Bring Solutions?
- which is held in Room 3 on the upper level of the San Diego Convention

11 a.m.: EuropaBio and members of the European Parliament

2 p.m.: BIO Plenary Luncheon Speaker, Art Laffer, economist

3 p.m.: Florence Wambugu, Director, International Service for
the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) - African Biotechnology
Program (ISAAA AfriCenter), will discuss the role of biotechnology in ending
hunger and poverty in Africa. Dr. Wambugu will also be available to sign
copies of her new book entitled  Modifying Africa: How Biotechnology Can
Help Overcome Hunger and Poverty: A Case Study from Kenya. 

Wednesday, June 27

8 a.m.: BIO Plenary Breakfast Speakers: Dr. Frances S. Collins,
Director of the Human Genome Institute at NIH, and Dr. J. Craig Venter of
Celera Genomics Corporation.

9:30 a.m.: TBD

11 a.m.: Israeli Export Institute: The Israeli Chief Scientist
of the Israeli Ministry of Trade and Compugen Ltd., will give an overview
of the biotechnology industry in Israel.

2 p.m.: BIO Plenary Luncheon Speakers: Naomi Judd, country
music singer, and Alan Hobson, cancer survivor and Mt. Everest climber.