MEDIA ALERT: BIO 2001 Comes to a Close

WHAT: The Biotechnology Industry Organization
(BIO), will hold a wrap-up press conference to bring BIO 2001 to an end.
The press conference will include a presentation of a $30,000 gift on behalf
of BIO and Ardana Bioscience to the World-Famous San Diego Zoo’‘s Center
for Reproduction of Endangered Species’‘ (CRES) “Millennium Initiative,”
the last in a series of gifts made to the San Diego community.

This particular gift from BIO will contribute to funding one of the four
remaining postdoctoral fellowships. The research will specifically focus
on the endangered black rhinoceros.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 27, 3:30 - 4 p.m.

WHERE: San Diego Convention Center, Upper Level,
Room 5B

WHO: David E. Robinson, BIO's chairman
of the board, and chairman, president and chief executive officer of Ligand

Simon Best, chief executive officer of Ardana Bioscience

Oliver Ryder, Ph.D., the Kleberg Genetics Chair, Center for Reproduction
of Endangered Species

Ray Briscuso, BIO's executive director

Joe Panetta, chief executive officer and president of BIOCOM/san

Tina S. Nova, Ph.D., BIOCOM/san diego chairman of the board and chief
executive officer of Genoptix

WHY: Due to the significant presence of biotechnology
in the area, BIO has a special relationship with San Diego. BIO's gifts
to the community represent its appreciation to the police officers, the
residents, business owners and Biotech Beach, all of whom contributed to
the success of BIO 2001, welcoming more than 14,000 registrants. The contribution
to the World-Famous San Diego Zoo represents BIO's commitment to protecting
ecosystems, saving species and preserving biodiversity.