Seattle Selected For Biotech Meeting

(WASHINGTON, D.C., July 6, 1998)...The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), the largest association of biotechnology companies, state associations and academic institutions in the world, will host BIO '99, its 13th annual international biotechnology meeting and exhibition, May 16-20, 1999, in Seattle, Washington. Thousands of U.S. and international biotechnology executives and researchers are expected to attend the meeting, which will be held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center.

BIO '98, which was held in June in New York City, attracted a record number of industry leaders and biotechnology media. More than 4,500 people attended the four-day event which highlighted recent breakthroughs in cancer research, vaccine developments and advancements in agriculture biotechnology. Also showcased was an Investor and Partnering Conference, where emerging biotechnology companies presented their research to investment bankers, institutional investors and biopharmaceutical company executives.

"We are looking forward to taking the meeting to Seattle in 1999," said BIO President Carl B. Feldbaum. "With the growth of the biotechnology industry in Washington State and the momentum and enthusiasm generated by BIO '98, I know that the workshops, sessions and events at BIO '99 will be an important 'launch pad' for the biotechnology industry as we enter the 21st Century."

There are 1,274 biotechnology companies in the United States, employing over 140,000 people. Within the state of Washington, there are over 115 biotechnology and medical technology companies, employing over 12,000 people. While the majority of biotechnology companies are involved in research to produce new therapies and cures for currently incurable diseases such as AIDS, breast, ovarian and prostate cancers, heart disease and Alzheimer's, many are also involved in developing nutritious foods and higher-yield plants and more effective natural methods for cleaning up the environment.

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) represents over 780 biotechnology companies, academic institutions and state biotechnology centers in 46 states and more than 25 nations. BIO members are involved in the research and development of health care, agricultural and industrial and environmental biotechnology products.