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Senior Manager, Online Education

Primary Purpose of the Position:


This primary purpose of this position is managing the development and administration of content for education programs for BIO members and the greater biotechnology industry.  This position is responsible for the design and implementation of professional training programs offered though specialized education offerings. This position will implement the strategy for the expansion of BIO educational offerings and BIO events. This position will facilitate strategic relationships with key industry stakeholders in order to develop new content, and research and analyze industry trends and developments in order to determine necessary education for BIO’s constituencies.



  • Work with the Managing Director, Industry Research, Investor Outreach & Education to implement an integrated, forward looking strategy for online education for the biotech industry.
  • Work collaboratively with other education team members to assess member needs, program viability, and development of successful business models to support educational goals.
  • Oversees program development, including in-person and online programs. Identifies content leaders and works with staff and volunteers to deliver programs and products with the goal of positioning BIO as the market leader in education for the biotechnology industry.
  • Develops curriculum for all levels of the profession.  Develops, delivers and evaluates new and existing programs, utilizing data-driven strategy and business analytics. Understand trends that shape member content and be able to respond accordingly.
  • Oversee the management of necessary data collection and analysis to identify relevant topics and trends to feature through recruitment of speakers/faculty for BIO education programs that will help drive attendance and align with BIO’s policy objectives.
  • Identify, cultivate, and prioritize relationships with key strategic partner organizations to develop education programs.
  • Coordinate with BIO staff to ensure education programs consistently reflect the current issues and concerns facing the biotechnology industry.
  • Enhance the Biotechnology Innovation Organization as a respected and knowledgeable organization and educational provider.



-A strong understanding of professional development program design.

-Progressive experience in healthcare association or related field designing and implementing profitable professional development programs.

-Entrepreneurial and strong leadership/managerial skills.

-Willing to examine existing models and adjust or create new ones.

-Strong networking and effective communication skills (both written & oral).

-Ability and experience managing complex projects.

-College Degree or equivalent years of experience

-7+ years of work experience in the Association industry or healthcare related field.

-Experience managing staff or temporary employees.

-Willing to travel.