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Chinese Pharmaceutical Sales See Continued Growth

China is positioned to overtake Japan as the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market by 2015. According to GBI, a leader in China pharmaceutical data intelligence, last year’s pharmaceutical sales in China grew by 20% or more in almost all major therapeutic areas. A combination of factors are driving this growth, such as the expansion of the middle class, increased access to western medicines, the significant expansion of China’s essential drug list (EDL), and the growth of China’s elderly population which is on track to reach 200 million people in 2013.

The highest growth in 2012 was found in the central nervous system (CNS) pharmaceuticals market with a 42% increase to USD $4.1 Billion in sales. Similarly, pharmaceuticals designed for blood ailments, GI & metabolism diseases and cardiovascular disease each enjoyed robust growth of 28% and total sales of $20.9 Billion. At the low end, anti-infectives saw relatively modest growth of 3%, but maintained the largest market share with USD $12.2 Billion in sales.

As China continues on the path of strong economic development and growth, the healthcare needs of its citizens will continue to evolve. Opportunities for Western companies to gain a presence in the burgeoning Chinese pharmaceutical market are plentiful and opportunities continue to grow.

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Marketplace Intelligence

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