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BIO Action LogoNow, more than ever before, advocates for biotechnology must lend their voice to balance the public policy debate by sharing their own stories and debunking the many myths and misinformation told about our innovation. BIO works hard to do this every day, but we need your active support.

Learn about the key issues facing our biotechnology sectors, and how to get involved and share your biotechnology story, below. It’s easy to do – check out BIO’s new on-line tool for you to contact your federal or state public officials with your views via e-mail, phone or social media. Go ahead and try it out!

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The Biotechnology Innovation Organization's interactive web tool designed to help healthcare stakeholders gain a better understanding of the true facts surrounding drug costs, spending and value. 

The site features a series of commonly asked questions—ranging from “Why are some drugs expensive?” to “What role do PBMs, insurance companies and wholesalers play in determining what patients pay for their drugs?”—and then answers these questions using infographics, videos and interactive tools. The site also has additional research and reading materials for those who want to dive deeper into these issues.

The goal of the site is to provide information—drawn from independent studies, news articles and outside research—that policymakers, the media and the public can rely on when writing or engaging in discussions about issues relating to drug costs and spending.   The site also features a “Follow the Debate” section, where users can get more information on topics ranging from drug importation to government negotiations in Medicare that are making headlines and that are part of the current policy and public debate.

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The Biotechnology Innovation Organization's campaign focused on the value of biomedical innovation, highlighting the most compelling benefits of biomedical research – giving patients time to live fuller lives. 

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BIO's campaign seeks to highlight the value of biopharmaceutical innovation, the importance of protecting the ecosystem that makes new cures and treatments possible and ensuring that patients have access to these important innovations.

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From Jim Greenwood

Biotech Investors Should be Bullish: It’s a Long Road From a Tweet to a Law

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Setting the record straight on the cost and value of drugs

Our innovations are transforming patient outcomes:
✜  Hepatitis C – a once incurable disease that now has cure rates above 90%;
✜  HIV/AIDS – once a death sentence, it’s now a chronic manageable condition;
✜  Cancer83% of children with cancer now survive, compared to 58% in 1970; and
✜  Vaccinesmore than 730,000 children’s lives have been saved in the last 20 years in the United States because of advances in vaccines.
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Biopharmaceutical Sector, A Driver of Innovation.



U.S. Leadership in Biotechnology.



Prescription Drug Spending Slowing; Increasing Competition
from Generics and Biosimilars Producing Consumer Savings.


Drug Spending Growth Slowing,
Keeping In Line With Health Care Expenditures.


BIO_Innovation-SavesInnovation Saves
Innovative, life-enhancing medicines provide benefits far beyond their costs.


BIO_Cancer-MedicineCancer Medicines
Biopharmaceutical research and development


Stemming the Coming Alzheimer’s Tsunami


HIV/AIDSTransforming HIV/AIDS into a Chronic Condition
Saving and Extending Lives