BIO Grassroots Handbook

Welcome to the BIO Grassroots Network

The Network’s objective is to ensure that key decision makers at the federal, state and local government levels understand the views and interests of BIO members.

The two major activities of the Network are establishing long-term relationships with state, local and federal officials and other key decision makers, and educating these members and decision makers about the biotechnology industry.

Public policy affects your financial bottom line. Health-care reform, drug price controls, food labeling, patent and tax law, Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency regulations, moratoriums on genetically engineered organisms—all of these issues affect your company’s ability to raise capital, conduct research and market products.  A strong Network will bolster public awareness of the industry and encourage more investment dollars. It is your constitutional right to petition your government and express your opinions; if you don’t educate your legislators regarding your company’s concerns, they may make legislative decisions that adversely impact your company. Your company will be able to express its viewpoint directly to BIO on policy decisions, and your company will stay informed of political activities in Washington, D.C., state capitals and local city councils.