BIO Investor Forum

The 12th Annual BIO Investor Forum featured exciting panels, partnering meetings and more! We had nearly 600 attendees, including 167 qualified investors and 27 reporters. We hosted over 900 One-on-One Partnering meetings, directly connecting senior company executives with prospective partners and investors.

A Guide to Effective Patient Foundation and Life Science Industry Collaborations

Successful Public-Private Partnerships
According to BayBio, biomedical companies that can harness the power of patient groups will get medicines, devices and diagnostics to market faster, cheaper and smarter, helping patients and rewarding investors.

IPO Frenzy - Are the GoGo Markets Here to Stay?

Biotech IPO Boom or Bubble? The Opening Plenary at the BIO Investor Forum
With 31 (and counting) life sciences companies having already placed IPOs on the market within the first 8 months of this year and many others lining up for S-1 filings, biotech is buzzing about a revival of the IPO market.

GAINing Ground in Antibiotics: New Incentives for Biopharma

GAIN Act: A Great First Step
With over 2 million infections – and 23,000 deaths – caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria each year in the US, everyone agrees there is an urgent need to find new, effective antibiotic therapies.

Crowdfunding in Healthcare & Biotech: Will it Bridge "The Valley of Death"?

Crowdfunding in Health Care and Biotechnology
Smaller private companies are constantly in search of capital, but many find it difficult to navigate the step between a “friends and family” round or one with angels and an initial venture round.

The Non-Orphan Panel: Shifting the Focus from Rare Diseases to Primary Care

With the sudden attention and spotlight on rare and ultra rare diseases, it seems everyone is forgetting about the once coveted blockbuster drug in the primary care setting and jumping on the orphan drug bandwagon. With patent cliffs looming, much of large biopharma has turned to niche indications but what does this mean for the primary market? We still need safer, more effective and less costly drugs for more common medical issues. What role can venture capital play in fostering the primary care disease market and what should emerging biotechs be thinking about?

Fireside Chat with Jan M. Lundberg, PhD, Executive Vice President, Science & Technology and President, Lilly Research Laboratories

BIO was pleased to feature Jan Lundberg of Eli Lilly as this year's fireside chat speaker! Fireside chats feature candid discussions between biopharma CEOs and Wall Street analysts or journalists. Hear about his recent company successes, what keeps the C-suite up at night, and where the industry's leading companies are headed in 2014.

Facing Reality: Debating the Conclusions of BioCentury's 21st Annual Back to School Commentary

In its 21st Annual Back to School essay, BioCentury argues the biopharma industry has not faced up to the reality of austerity in the healthcare marketplace. The drug industry's pricing power is in retreat. And governments, commercial insurers and patients are pushing back on the industry's notions of innovation. In the real world, companies will have to engage with payers and patients to develop a new consensus on value for money. Small biotechs focused on scientific and technical innovation will not be exempt.

The New Road to IPO in the Age of the JOBS Act

The New Road to IPO in the Age of the JOBS Act
Not surprisingly, sessions discussing the topic of IPOs at this year’s BIO Investor Forum, tend to fill the room. Furthermore, it should surprise no one that this year’s IPO discussions were upbeat.