BIO pledges $150,000 donation to the Elton John AIDS Foundation - Will you help match it?

Today, Sir Elton John's keynote speech at the 2009 Bio International Convention highlighted the critical need for continued innovation in treatments for HIV/AIDS. His foundation - the Elton John AIDS Foundation - has made a huge difference in the lives of people with HIV/AIDS around the world. To support their efforts, BIO has pledged a $150,000 donation to the foundation and has challenged the biotech community to match that donation through small individual contributions. Please make a donation today at: Researchers in the biotech community are developing new therapies that are more effective in treating HIV/AIDS, including an AIDS vaccine and new methods of delivery that hold the potential to increase patient compliance. By working with organizations like the Elton John AIDS Foundation, we can improve the quality of life and life expectancy for millions of people around the world who are living with HIV/AIDS. And one day, together, we can put an end to this terrible disease. Please make your donation today at And help us spread the word by forwarding the link to your friends and colleagues.