Biotech in China

Biotechnology can help society solve old problems in new ways. Through the science of using living cells and the discovery of new molecules, biotech innovation has the potential to address our most urgent needs: fi ghting disease; feeding the hungry; and improving the environment. Countries all over the world are recognising the importance of biotechnology for their economies, the health and wellbeing of their citizens, their food supply, and their ability to generate clean energy. Nearly every major country has adopted programmes to generate a homegrown biotechnology sector and the well-paying jobs it supports.

China, in particular, has made growing the biotechnology industry one of its top national priorities. With more than one-fi fth of the world’s population, it is an important market for biotech products and plays a key role in biotech product development and manufacturing. Recognising the country’s great potential for sustained growth and global leadership in the industry, the Chinese government is sparing no expense to put companies and innovation on the map. The region is expected to issue its fi rst set of regulatory standards for companies developing biosimilars, or follow-on biologics. The country is moving its pharmaceutical regulations closer to international standards, with the aim of speeding up drug registration.

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This article appeared in the Winter 2013 edition of EBR