Ohio Biotech – Established and Growing

Ohio is a national leader in terms of both bioscience employment and establishments. In fact the industry accounts for about 15% of the state’s total economic output.

The entire medical device industry in Ohio has expanded significantly over the past five years, from polymer and other advanced material companies to product engineering firms, and down the supply chain to manufacturers, packaging and distribution. This growth is also occurring, to a slightly lesser extent, in the pharmaceutical space with a rapidly growing community of contract research organizations and the expansion and addition of numerous manufacturers, such as Boehringer-Ingelheim, Amylin, Eurand, Alkermes and PharmaForce. Ohio’s notable players within the  medical device sector are: Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Midmark, AtriCure, and CleveX. Diagnostics - Cardiox, Meridian and Diagnostic Hybrids.

As a result, Ohio is earning the reputation as a great location to take promising biomedical ideas to market. Expect to see continued growth in Ohio over the next decade, particularly in the fields of biomedical imaging, cardiovascular related research and personalized medicine-focused companies. 

Best of all, during the nation’s overall economic slowdown BioOhio’s membership has increased 25% since 2007. We attribute this increase to expanded outreach focused on the growing biomedical supply chain.  Taking every opportunity to educate multi-industry manufacturers helps us continue to build a biomedical community that is larger, stronger and more productive.

The BioOhio Annual Conference will take place in the fall of 2010. This year the organization will be holding a series of annual conferences regionally in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati between September and early November – check for updates.

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