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10 Reasons We Need Crop Biotechnology and GM Foods

July 25, 2013
“The web has become a sewer channeling scare mongering about crop biotechnology,” says Jon Entine, executive director of the Genetic Literacy Project (GLP), and a senior fellow at the Center for Health & Risk Communication and STATS (Statistical Assessment Service) at George Mason University.

Infographic“We at the GLP have come to think that anti-biotech campaigners do not respond well to reasoned discussion and complex logic,” says Entine.  So, the GLP is launching a new project:  Going forward, it will post occasional infographics to represent what the science says on crop biotechnology.

The first effort, 10 Reasons We Need Crop Biotechnology and GM Foods, is available on the GLP website. It comes complete with source links to international foundations, research organizations, major science journals and top newspapers. Please feel free to download and circulate this GLP crop biotechnology infographic.