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15 Keys to Success from Fierce Biotech’s Top 15 Women in Biotech

December 1, 2011
This week, Fierce Biotech recognized 15 women who are leading the way in biotech. Each of them represents the drive and determination that it takes to succeed in the industry, but what do they recommend beyond these inherent qualities? We pulled together the list below based on their profiles so that others can learn from their experience (yes, that made the list). In no particular order:

1. Take risks
2. Have an entrepreneurial spirit
3. Encourage teamwork
4. Be creative
5. Mentor others
6. Balance personal and professional life
7. Shatter stereotypes
8. Cultivate your business acumen
9. Be technically savvy
10. Seek knowledge and information
11. Stay curious
12. Exemplify leadership
13. Cultivate your career
14. Plant seeds
15. Buck the trends

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