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#AgDay19 | How BIO is Advancing Agriculture

Connor McKoy
Connor McKoy
March 14, 2019

From those who grow the food we eat, to the farmers growing crops for biofuels and other bioproducts, BIO supports agriculture every day through its advocacy of biotech innovation to fuel and feed the world.

Without farmers, many of the breakthroughs that BIO’s members are innovating, both as part of the Food & Agriculture and Industrial & Environmental sections, would not be possible.

In celebration of National Ag Day (#AgDay19), let’s explore how BIO has made agriculture a central focus of its mission, working to ensure farmers have the necessary tools to feed and fuel the world sustainably.

Ag Day @ World Congress

As we’ve highlighted, innovation in agriculture will be a focus as the 2019 BIO World Congress heads to America’s Heartland for the first time. #BIOWC19 has always showcased the work happening in both agriculture and food production, but this year’s conference will shine a brighter light on what’s happening in the field and the impact new breakthroughs like gene editing will have on the farm and in the food industry, especially as it relates to sustainability.

Sustainability in agriculture and food production is about our food, our planet, and our health. It’s about bringing economic value to producers, the companies that comprise the innovative food value chain, and ultimately consumers. It’s about demonstrating constant improvement in safeguarding the air, land and water. It’s about bringing together the best in technological advancements to drive sustainability across the food system. On Tuesday, July 9, #BIOWC19 attendees will get to experience the Sustainability and the Future of Food track to learn more about innovations driving sustainability in agriculture.

To learn more about this and other tracks at the 2019 BIO World Congress in Des Moines, visit


In January, BIO and the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) jointly launched Innovature. This new platform will spark an important and thoughtful dialogue around innovation in food and agriculture and the tangible benefits they can bring to our planet, health and food.

As BIO works to ensure its members can continue innovating to bring about these benefits, Innovature will be critical to ensuring policymakers, food companies and the broader public understand the role biotechnology can have in enhancing plants, animals and microbes.

Through Innovature we aim to share information, answer questions, hear diverse points of view, highlight stories of scientific progress and have a conversation around innovation in food and agriculture.

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Read stories, engage in the conversation and learn more at Also, in celebration of #AgDay19, be sure to check out the interactive timeline highlighting 3,000 years of progress in agriculture.