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Back Home On The Farm?

April 15, 2016
Accurate or not, most people have an image of what farm life is like.  Perhaps it is a vision out of the 1950's, like television hit Green Acres, or a 1980s farm/baseball movie like Field of Dreams. And most Millennials probably don’t even have a reference point of farm life.  Certainly most people don’t realize how modern technology has changed present day farming.

Nor do many people realize how modern technology has impacted present day farming.

One of our recent blog posts on explains just how much things have changed in the past 50 years.  New technology, for example, can include modern tractor technology, the use of drones, GMO seeds, and computer-driven data collection.

As Indiana farmer Brian Scott writes in this guest post,
We still get dirty, work long hours, and hope for good weather, but now we also think about our next smartphone purchase or if a fully autonomous tractor might be a future investment.

The reality is that although the work ethic, pride, and focus on family have not changed much, the tools that farmers use have changed a lot over time.  And in this age of farm to table culture, perhaps that is something is that one should really know about.

Here is the full post about modern farming:

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