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Big Changes for 1x1 Partnering - Investor Profiles

December 14, 2010
As BIO CEO approaches (February 14-15, 2011!), the BIO Partnering Team is proud to present several improvements to the 1x1 Partnering System. One of the most noticeable changes so far is the new investor profile, now bigger and better than ever. The new profile not only increases the information investors input into the system, but it also helps biotech companies gain more value from the conference overall.

The Search function is one we’ve continuously updated (see our earlier tutorial on searching), and in the new iteration of the 1x1 system, we’ve made searching for and identifying investors even easier. The new 1x1 system has a more comprehensive search feature, displaying results for “company type”, “ownership”, “market cap” and “ticker”, in addition to “Company Name”.  These display functions allow companies to more readily locate and identify investors – or any other type of company.  On the flip side, the feature allows investors to better market themselves and affords them greater visibility within the 1x1 system.

After the jump, learn what the new investor profile means for you!

The investor profiles themselves are also more robust and include a variety of useful information previously not captured in the 1x1 system. These profiles now require investors to select what their investment focus is, then allows them to choose from a range of therapeutic categories. Investors may also select their style (Value or Growth), choose one or more regions of interest, and list their history of funds managed.

Perhaps most interesting, however, are the free-response fields entitled “Scouting Report” and “Your objectives at this conference”.  These answers allow investors to better describe what they are looking for at the conference and what types of opportunities best align with their intentions.

And the cherry on top of all this? Investor profiles now have a ‘memory’ – meaning that once an investor fills in all this information, his or her profile is saved and can instantly be uploaded into the partnering system at the next conference they attend!

If you’re a biotech company, you may be thinking “What does this have to do with me?” The updates to investor profiles actually have some pretty useful implications for biotech companies looking to meet with these investors. First and foremost, the enhanced search capabilities make finding investors who will be attending the conference quick and easy.

Once investor profiles have been located, biotech companies now have the ability to discover what specific therapeutic categories an investor is interested in without having to do any independent research. Because the investors list their objectives directly in their profiles, biotech companies seeking to meet with them can better target their requests and be more strategic with their time.  Companies are then fully prepared to begin requesting meetings and messaging the people they most want to get in touch with!

Last year, 655 1x1 meetings were scheduled between biotech companies and investors – 70% of all meetings BIO CEO. By expanding the information collected in an investor profile, we are hoping to help companies be more efficient with their time and better connect the right biotech companies and investors.

Stay tuned for more updates to the partnering system!