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BIO Business Solutions: New Energy Cost-Savings Program

April 4, 2013
BIO Advocates for the Biotech Industry

As a trade association, BIO is constantly thinking of ways in which we can contribute to the success of the industry. We understand that a variety of factors affect the biotechnology industry’s growth and sustainability. Not only do we provide a platform for companies to meet, educate, and promote their business through our One-on-One Partnering software and conferences, but also we provide cost-savings opportunities through BIO’s Business Solutions Program.

Announcing Our Newest Partnership

BIO is pleased to announce our newest partnership with Affiliated Power Purchasers International (APPI Energy), the preferred energy consultant of 140 trade associations and chambers of commerce nationwide. Through this partnership, member companies can reduce their energy costs in states where the markets for electricity or natural gas are deregulated.

Understanding Deregulated Markets

So, what exactly is a deregulated market?  Well, just a few decades ago, competition among energy suppliers in the U.S. was pretty much non-existent. This meant that within each state, people had to buy power from one main supplier, regardless of price. As you can imagine, this could be frustrating to the consumer. Since then, energy market deregulation introduced competition into the electricity and natural gas industries, giving consumers the option to decide from which suppliers to purchase power. Keep in mind that energy deregulation is a decision that is made on the state level and is currently not available in all states.

How might this affect your business? Glad you asked. If your company operates in any of the states highlighted in the map below, and is a member of BIO or one of our state or regional affiliates that endorse this program, you qualify.

APPI Energy Map

APPI Energy will identify reliable and competitive energy suppliers for you and obtain competitive bids. BIO member companies can use this service at no risk, obligation, or upfront cost. So unless you flip off the light each night for all of your offices and unplug each machine that is in use, it may be worth giving this program a shot.

Want to learn more about the benefits? Register for Learning Lab: Reduce Energy Costs , an upcoming webinar with APPI Energy at 2:00 PM (EDT) on April 10th and May 23rd.