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BIO CEO Jim Greenwood in Washington Business Journal

June 24, 2011
Jeff Porro’s recent article, “Speaking to Rise”, in the Washington Business Journal features an interview with Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) President and CEO, Jim Greenwood. Jim will be giving the keynote address for this year’s BIO International Convention in DC June 27-30, and suggests that the best way to discuss difficult topics like biotechnology is to “put a human face on the subject matter” and to make the material relatable to the audience. When addressing a group without much experience or knowledge of the specific topic, Jim advises that the speaker make the content relateable. When speaking about biotechnology, it is best to focus on the impact of the industry on the patients and people directly affected by the biotech developments by using dramatic details and stories to highlight these impacts. Avoid as many statistics as possible and keep the content inspirational and congragulatory of the people who made such discoveries posible.

If you have a subscription to the Washington Business Journal, you can find the article here.