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BIO Investor Forum Company Snapshot: Protagonist Therapeutics

October 21, 2011
In our final Investor Forum Company Snapshot, we've profiled one of the Discovery Companies who will be presenting at the event. Protagonist Therapeutics shares their take on funding challenges and upcoming priorities, plus interesting facts about their company. Don't miss their presentation first thing Tuesday morning!

Company Snapshot

What are the short-term and long-term priorities for your company?

Protagonist is a peptide therapeutics based technology platform company. Short term priority:  Secure a second collaboration and a Series B financing in 2012. Long term priority:  Progress well differentiated peptide therapeutics through phase 2 POC and eventually as FDA-approved drugs both independently and through our collaborators.

How does your company go about differentiating yourselves from the competition?

Our uniqueness lies in our technology platform which integrates 3 different drug discovery tools to discover peptide therapeutics - computational design, phage libraries, and medicinal chemistry.  Also, we are focused on a specific class of peptides (disulfide rich peptides, DRPs) that we believe may offer better chemical and biological stability compared to conventional peptides.

What is the most challenging part of raising money and seeking collaborations?

While raising money and seeking collaborations can and should always be challenging, there is genuine interest out there in both categories.  By staying in touch and providing regular updates to potential collaborators and investors, we continue to make progress towards the objective of securing a second collaboration and a new financing in 2012.

Tell us something about your company that investors might not know.

While we are a peptide therapeutics based technology platform company, we remain very product oriented.  We take great pride in assisting our collaborators to get to IND candidates which can progress through human phase 2 POC and eventually lead to new medicine in the form of marketed drugs.


Protagonist Therapeutics is also participating in Partnering One-on-One's next week, so log in to request your meeting!