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BIO Joins Alliance for Fair Trade with India

July 3, 2013
BIO recently joined the Alliance for Fair Trade with India along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, Solar Energy Industries Association, and others.

The new Alliance website states:
Over the last year, policymakers and courts in India have engaged in a persistent pattern of discrimination that is hurting a wide range of manufacturing and services industries and jobs in the United States. India has recently mandated domestic content rules that require as much as 100 percent of certain products sold in the country be produced domestically. Administrative and court rulings in India have repeatedly ignored internationally recognized rights - imposing restrictions on medical devices and denying or revoking patents for nearly a dozen lifesaving medications.

India's growing unfair trade practices risk a trade relationship worth more than $60 billion in 2012 and raise troubling questions about India's compliance with its international trade obligations. India must end discrimination against exporters in the United States and ensure it is not repeated in the future. The Alliance is urging the Obama Administration to address this matter at the highest levels of the Indian government and use all available tools to achieve results to protect jobs in America.

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