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BIO Launches New Website Holding Insurers Accountable:

September 9, 2016
BIO is undertaking an aggressive effort to promote the value of biopharmaceutical innovations and ensure that all patients have access to the drugs they need.

A vital component of this campaign is holding insurers and their allies accountable for standing in the way of that access.

For months, we’ve blown the whistle on their discriminatory practices, high cost-sharing and cost-shifting, and their blatant falsehoods on what’s driving their premium increases, and today, we’re introducing a new weapon in that fight.

Un-surance is a new microsite where you can learn the latest about what the insurance industry is doing to reduce patient access to the breakthroughs our industry develops to keep patients healthy and reduce hospital visits and other health care costs.

You pay into your insurance—every week of every month, every year.  And the amount you pay in premiums, deductibles, and co-pays keep going up and up.  You expect that when you or your loved one gets sick, insurance will be there to help. But far too often, it’s a barrier. It seems like thee big insurers will do anything to find a reason to not cover the medicine your doctor prescribes.

So in the end, you are paying more for less coverage.

Join us in taking a stand against Big Insurance. I encourage you to share this site on social media and stay updated on the latest news.

Together, we’re going to shine a light on an industry that shifts costs to patients rather than covering the medicines they need, while raking in record profits.