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BioCentury TV at BIO International Convention

August 9, 2011
BioCentury TVBioCentury TV interviewed biotech leaders throughout the recent BIO International Convention in Washington, DC.

The first interview can be found here (links to the other interviews can be found on the right).

(July 24) Public+Private Part 1 -- Turning Great Science into Medicine -- and Jobs: Dr. Michel Goldman of Europe's Innovative Medicines Initiative xplains how the pharma-driven agenda is creating a new "ecosystem" in Europe for drug developers.

(July 31) Public+Private Part 2 - Turning Great Science into Medicine -- and Jobs: Dr. Roch Doliveux, CEO of Belgium's UCB S.A. and Board member of the European Innovative Medicines Initiative, describes the goals of open innovation and patient-driven translation; Dr. Ellen Feigal, VP of R&D at the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, discusses the state of CIRM's efforts 7 years after passage of Proposition 71, California's stem cell initiative.

(Aug 7) Biosimilars: Will Pharma Follow the FDA Pathway?: Dr. Diem Nguyen, General Manager, Biosimilars at Pfizer, maps the pharma's biosimilars development model and portfolio and Dr. Michael Kamarck, President of Merck BioVentures, discusses the company's plan to launch a large number of biosimilars globally, the prospects for interchangeability.

(Aug 21) Translating Biotech into Pharma: Dr. Paul Stoffels, Company Group Chairman, Global R&D, Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, gives an exclusive interview outlining his experience on "both sides of the fence" and discusses how "open innovation" will be critical to generating new therapies.

(Sep 4) Special "Point of View" Interview: Robert Klein, outgoing Chairman of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine and author of California's stem cell initiative, discusses stem cell progress, responds to criticism that "payback" is taking too long and refutes claims that conflicts of interest exist within CIRM.