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BIO's Town Hall Meetings

May 5, 2009
Our new branding and communication campaign begins with the idea that we need to start with the men and women who work in our industry. We want to make sure they are as informed as possible about the policy issues that affect their companies’ success or failure. We want to create an on-line community of our own. To launch this effort I’ve been on the road doing “town hall” meetings with company employees. Starting in Boston, I’ve been to Vertex and Biogen-Idec and this week I hosted meetings at ATCC in Virginia and at Cubist and ImmunoGen.

The attendance has been great and so has the interest. Rank and file company staff members don’t often get to learn about policy issues surrounding issues like patent reform , biosimilars, pricing, and funding for the FDA and NIH. They seem eager to be brought into this discussion. Ultimately, we’d like to have thousands of biotech employees actively engaged on line and ready to contact their elected officials about matters that can be crucial to the success of their companies and, indeed, the future of their careers.

We’ll be taking this show on the road across the country recruiting interested biotech staff wherever we can.