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Bioscience’s Bright Spots

January 17, 2014
According to Business Xpansion Journalbiotech is still big business and partnerships lead to profit.

And BIO agrees.

“In the past several years, it has become more important than ever for those in our industry to form partnerships and collaborations,” says Fritz Bittenbender, executive vice president, external affairs, BIO. “Big pharma, small biotechs, universities, investors, patient groups, the NIH - everyone is recognizing that success is only achieved by working with others. One place we've seen this play out dramatically is in the increased number of One-on-One PartneringTM meetings taking place at the BIO International Convention each year. In 2013, there were a record-breaking 25,500 partnering meetings, up from about 21,000 meetings in 2011 and 14,000 meetings in 2009.”

Looking to learn more? The 2014 BIO International Convention returns to San Diego this June and will feature four days of targeted networking, programming and partnering opportunities. Register for BIO 2014 at