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Biotech Investment in 2020

Theresa Brady
Theresa Brady
October 1, 2020

The world is seeing an unprecedented response to the pandemic by biotechnology researchers, emerging companies, and a wide range of pharmaceuticals. The results and the pace of innovation are not lost on investors anxious to see what new vaccines and treatments will emerge to address a disease impacting the entire globe. But it is not only the obvious financial reward they anticipate. Investors are like the rest of us—they want to see an end to the crisis, and they are looking for breakthroughs that will improve health outcomes.

BIO spoke with a couple of biotech investors and two biotech companies who have raised money to support their companies.

“Investors are people too”

Take Dr. Abraham Heifets for example. His company, Atomwise Inc., focuses on AI technology for small molecule drug discovery. He was able to raise $123 million during the pandemic which points to the intense interest in this sector. “Health care is a top-level concern. The whole world is aligned in that,” says Heifets. “Everybody—and investors are people too—is therefore interested in funding biotechnology innovations.”

And those investments are continuously needed through the life cycle of a biotechnology product. As Brad Loncar of Loncar Investments points out, biotech is a very capital-intensive business. These companies need a lot of money because they are undertaking very risky ventures, plus it takes a lot of money to get through the different stages of development before a treatment or vaccine reaches commercial viability.

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