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The booming H1N1 vaccine market

November 20, 2009
The vaccine market is booming – and biotech companies are just one of the beneficiaries.  A recent Associated Press Article explains that an increase in government support and newer, better technologies are just a part of it.  Patients look to benefit from new vaccinations on the horizon for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, herpes, malaria, and perhaps even a universal flu vaccine.

It was just last month at the BIO Investor Forum’s H1N1 panel that panelists discussed the rise in vaccine manufacturing and the potential that market holds for growth.  While the H1N1 pandemic has certainly pushed many manufacturers to look into new techniques and processes to manufacture vaccines more quickly and in greater quantities, an increase in support and innovation could provide some new opportunities to biotech and pharmaceutical companies looking to expand into this growing field. For more, check out BioWorld Insights' October 26 article by Randy Osborne, "Vaccine Flu Cash Flying Around: Picking Winners in H1N1 Tricky."