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Boston Globe: Helping veterans find a career path in life sciences

November 11, 2014
Mike Minogue, chairman and chief executive of Abiomed, a medical device company in Boston that makes tiny heart pumps, leads a program to help veterans transition to the civilian workforce into life sciences careers.

Today, Shirley Leung of the Boston Globe profiles Minogue and a program that he launched, MedTech & BioTech Veterans Program, which has organized close to a dozen boot camps for more than 500 veterans across the country and recruited more than 30 life-sciences companies to serve as sponsors. The program's goal is to hire 5,000 veterans into the life sciences by 2018.

Leung points out, 'While there are various efforts in Massachusetts to help veterans with their job hunts, the life sciences rank among the most organized among the sectors in reaching out to former military personnel.'

Minogue attributes that to the thousands of veterans and military academy graduates like himself in the medical-device and related fields, often in leadership positions.

“This industry is very mission focused,” Minogue said. “It’s a mission to help patients. It’s global, it’s intense. There is a service element to it.”

As the article states, the unemployment rate among Gulf War veterans who served after 2001 is 7.2 percent compared to 5.8 percent for the general population. A year ago, the unemployment rate among this group of veterans hovered in the double digits, but has improved thanks to programs like MVP and incentives given to employers to hire veterans.

The full article can be found here.