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In Boulder County, What if Farmers were in Charge of Farm Policy?

May 17, 2017
Over the past five months, Boulder County community columnist Mara Abbott has researched the local, national and international debate over GMOs in agriculture and interviewed 14 key local players to produce a five-part series in the Daily Camera on Boulder County’s decision to ban GMOs on county-owned agricultural land, covering facets ranging from the scientific merits to the impacts to farmers and the economy. Today we’re highlighting the fifth and final part of her story – what would happen if farmers were in charge of farm policy.

Highlights include:

“When you don't really deal with a farmer day-in and day-out, you don't really understand the system very well, and if you don't understand the system you are vulnerable to all sorts of nonsense, because where are you getting your food knowledge?"

In Boulder, that lack of understanding helped create the GMO ban. As Abbott notes:

“I also can't help but imagine the outcome if the collective effort and resources devoted to the GMO debate were instead put into innovating solutions to add a diverse toolbox for all county farmers, rather than demonizing and banning "taboo" practices that nearly three dozen members of the CU molecular biology department wrote last year advance our sustainability goals.”

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