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Building a Better Cherry Blossom

March 23, 2012
The March 22 edition of the Huffington Post features a USDA video about DC’s famous cherry trees and what’s being done to improve them.

The video features United States Department of Agriculture research geneticist Margaret Pooler, who says that scientists are now looking for ways to make cherry trees hardier – including breeding and developing trees that are disease resistant and that are well-suited for city environments.

The brief video explains the origin of DC’s cheery trees that line the Tidal Basin and how researchers at the National Arboretum are working to make the trees durable as well as pretty. Plant biotechnology is one tool that can help researchers develop new types of trees that are more resistant to diseases and pests and tolerant to various environment stresses.

Proof positive that biotechnology is enhancing the way we feed, fuel and heal the world – and protect our national monuments!