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Can This One Action Help Save The Honey Bee?

August 18, 2017
In light of National Honey Bee Day this Saturday, August 19, GMO Answers wanted to get the buzz on the vital role pollinators play to help our ecosystem and food system thrive. Becky Langer of North American Bee Health for Bayer CropScience LP explains these benefits in a new Medium blog post for us, and tells us how you can help sustain and protect these important insects — it might be easier than you think!
We’ve all heard about the so-called “beepocalypse” that will cause the collapse of our food system and the end of mankind as we know it. After all, even Albert Einstein himself said that we’d only have four years left to survive if the honey bee died, right?

Well… not so much. In all honesty, there’s no proof Albert Einstein ever said that, and 90 percent of the crops the world relies on for food are wind-pollinated, self-pollinated or don’t actually rely on pollination at all.

Still, pollinators are a vital part of our ecosystem and play an important role in the variety of healthy, nutritious foods available to us. Crops like strawberries see a significant increase in yield when pollinated by honey bees, and almonds rely entirely on pollination by honey bees.

So how are the bees faring today?

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