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Corporate Venture Capital Company Profiles

September 29, 2014
To celebrate BIO Investor Forum, and, of course, Halloween, the Partnering Team over at BIO put together a succinct and definitive guide to the SCARY biopharma-related corporate venture capitalists (CVCs). Join us at BIO Investor Forum for the opportunity to have private 30-minute meetings with almost all the CVCs in our guide! Now, some SPOOKY facts about modern-day CVCs, based on publicly available information:

  • CVCs prefer to be minority investors (generally contributing less than 20%).

  • Typically there is an investment cap over the life of the company that has been invested in, though many investors are interested in participating in multiple rounds of investing if necessary.

  • Most CVCs are looking for strategic investments to augment their pipelines, but some seek to diversify their portfolios.

  • CVCs often participated in investments with other investors.

  • The most popular therapeutic area for investment among CVCs is diagnostics/biomarkers, with oncology coming in a close second, as depicted in the GHOULISH table below:


How much do CVCs invest anyhow? Based on publicly available information, the average lower limit for a single round is $3.7M USD, the average upper limit for a single round is $16.3M, and the average lifetime investment cap is $13.6M. 13 CVCs, or about 38%, explicitly said they were seeking a minority investment. Finally, 13 CVCs explicitly stated that they were looking for early stage companies. Please see the below report for sources for the above information.

And now, prepare yourself for a FRIGHTENING but informative report of biopharma CVC profiles!

Click here to view the CVC profiles (PDF).