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Dr. Oz "Editing Down the Truth"

April 9, 2015
Sarah SchultzOn her Nurse Loves Farmer blog, Sarah Schultz discusses Dr. Oz’s recent broadcast criticizing pesticide use – glyphosate in particular – and Schultz discloses that she was asked by Oz producers to participate in that episode:

"I will be completely honest that while I am so honored his producer reached out to me to talk a bit about agriculture, I was also hesitant because I know how Dr. Oz has showcased his opinions of agriculture in the past, such as this show on GMOs & pesticides and he also uses buzzwords like “toxic chemicals” regularly.

"His show has been editing down the truth from true experts in agriculture for over 4 years and unfortunately the science community doesn’t trust Dr. Oz at all, stating that he is in the business of fear and we also can’t forget the study from last year and the data that show only about only one third of the show’s recommendations were supported by evidence. I’m not really sure what I could bring to the table and I fear my words might be edited out of context. He has claimed in the past he wants to know the truth, then presents the opposite.

"Dr. Oz wanted me to come on his show to talk about glyphosate. That’s all that was said, no specific details, but with the recent news I am almost certain it would have been about the new claim that glyphosate is a carcinogen.

"I made it very clear, as I always do with media requests, that I am not a farmer. I am a farmer’s wife and a farm mom. That is it.  I research the things that I write about thoroughly and consult the experts, but that does not make me the expert. I have written about how much glyphosate is sprayed on our crops and I have written about glyphosate on wheat, but it’s my farmer and the agronomists I consulted with that are the experts. I know more than the average bear, yes, but I didn’t feel confident enough to go on the Dr. Oz Show with an audience of 4 million viewers to talk about glyphosate with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Update April 8, 2015:  "The show titled “How to Know if Your Weed Killer Causes Cancer" aired yesterday. This is the episode that I was invited to appear on and I cannot tell you how happy I am I said no. The experts on the show are the vice president from the Environmental Working Group (you can read my thoughts on the EWG here) and a pediatrician Alan Greene and Robyn O’Brien who describes herself as “the Erin Brokovich of food” and she is also a pro-organic/anti-GMO activist.

Dr. Oz said this in the episode:  “So my goal is always to have an open and honest conversation, you all know that, but I couldn’t get anyone to appear on the show who supports glyphosate. I reached out to the Grocery Manufacturers of America, Crop Life America—that’s an advocacy group for fertilizer, and Monsanto—that’s the maker of Roundup. They all declined to be on the show, but we did get statements from them.”

On a Monsanto blog discussing the episode, Kevin Folta said: “Oz can’t get scientists on his show because he has demonstrated repeated hostility toward them, selective editing and misrepresentation. He also endorses non-scientific views. We scientists have adopted an agreed-upon policy that we will not give him our credibility until he apologizes to those he’s wronged and starts reflecting content consistent with science. I’ve turned him down multiple times now, and we all will continue to do the same.”