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Earth Day: Reflecting On The (Major) Role Of Science In Agriculture

April 20, 2017
Each year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day, and have the chance to pause and reflect on the health, safety, and future of our planet. As we think about the importance of environmental protection and its impact on our lives, science plays an important role to help support and address solutions to environmental challenges. In honor of this year’s 47th annual Earth Day, GMO Answers reached out to Janet Carpenter, an agricultural economist, for her insights into some of today’s agricultural technologies helping to address these major issues, like climate change. In a new post at the GMO Answers page, she writes,
Earth Day this year is drawing much deserved attention to the importance of supporting science at all levels to protect our health, safety and economy. Nothing symbolizes the link between our health and the health of the Earth more than agriculture, which both contributes to and is affected by climate change. Technological advances in agriculture, including genetically modified crops, have already alleviated agriculture’s contribution to climate change and will continue to play a role in the adaptation necessary to address global food security under changing climatic conditions.

Biotechnology and technological advances in agriculture are already helping to address some of today’s most pressing environmental challenges. To read the rest of this blog post, please visit the GMO Answers page at