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Enter to Win a Free BIO 2020 Company Presentation and Registration

Nicole Reisinger
February 27, 2020

Are you an innovative biotech company that is R&D-intensive and is developing strategic partnerships within the industry? Enter the Buzz of BIO Contest for your chance to win a complimentary Company Presentation that includes registration at the 2020 BIO International Convention.

Buzz of BIO is a contest that recognizes U.S. based companies with groundbreaking, early-stage technologies with the potential for improving our lives. Companies can submit in one of two categories (below) for a chance to win a complimentary Company Presentation and Convention Access + Partnering registration at the BIO International Convention. ($4,000+ value!)

Only 40 slots are available across the two categories, so submit your nomination early to increase your chances of being accepted!

Two Categories to Choose From:

  • Technologies of Tomorrow: Qualifying companies for Technologies of Tomorrow are biotechnology-focused companies that have not yet begun human trials or will not begin human trials.
  • Pipelines of Promise: Qualifying companies for Pipelines of Promise are biotechnology-focused companies that have at least started some human trials.

One company per category will earn the coveted title of the “Buzz of BIO.”  

How Does the Contest Work?

There are two phases to the Buzz of BIO Contest: Nominations and Voting.

During the Nominations period, we will collect up to 20 nominations per category. Nominations will be open from February 24 - February 28. Nominations are reviewed to ensure they qualify for one of the two categories listed above, and that they meet the guidelines outlined in the official contest rules here.

During the Voting period, nominees are encouraged to promote their participation in the contest via social media, email, etc. in order to drive more votes for their company.  Voting will be open from March 17-19. The companies that receive the most votes in their respective category will earn the title of the "Buzz of BIO!"

What is a Company Presentation? 

Company Presentations are quick, 13-minute pitches for companies who are currently in or working toward clinical testing and regulated review. They help gain exposure for your company to business development executives, investors, research analysts, and more in BIO One-on-One Partnering™.  Learn more about Company Presentations.